Leah Lu




...is a collection of pages from my journal (the ones mild enough to share), text messages, thoughts I haphazardly typed into my notes app, random memorabilia, and the disposable photos I took during my time in the city. It’s a documentation of growth. 

Aside from the preface, there’s no new writing here, just snippets from different moments while I was in them. I considered a lot of different ways to materialize these experiences, but I think this is the truest reflection of what they were: sacred, transformative and painfully purgative, offering me lessons on how to be attentive and fiercely present. I didn’t want to force anything for fear of distorting these memories with my often abrasive and overbearing touch.

(Oh, and it’s best looked at while listening to “Scott Street” by Phoebe Bridgers, of course.)